Fruit puree is a pasteurized, homogenous product of specific consistency manufactured using the latest technology, without adding sugar and preservatives. Namely,

Our complete manufacturing process of 100 % fruit purees is based on the fruits originating from the Republic of Serbia, they are
WITHOUT ADDED SUGAR AND PRESERVATIVES, free of additives and artificial colouring, and in compliance with the food safety regulations and the application of HACCP and FSSC 22000 Standards.

The selection of fruits and their combination with the cereals are determined based on the consultations with the renown experts in the field of nutritional sciences, whereas regular control is carried out by "Fins Lab" - the laboratory for technology, quality and food safety of the Institute of Food Technology in Novi Sad.

Technological Process for Fruit Puree Production

The technological process in the preparation of fruit purees begins with the selection and processing of high-quality fresh fruits originating from our country. After delivery, the fruits are washed, inspected, sorted, ground, blanched, mashed and in sterile atmosphere filled in aseptic bags and stored in metal drums.
The aseptic fruit puree obtained in such a way is filled in aluminium containers, thermally processed using high temperature and high pressure in order to obtain a healthy and safe product. After cooling, the product is packed in commercial cardboard packaging.

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